The convergence of knowledge and power

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All have one thing in common



Etisalat and SME Advisor joined forces to conceptualize and co-curate the region’s most-awaited SME Beyond Borders. We invested time and commitment in the SME sector and have come to realize a few important things that are relevant to SMEs, irrespective of size of business, location or product and here is what we found!


to people in our field, country, region – it doesn’t matter – we need to connect for better business.


to make a difference, to grow an idea, to change the world, to innovate, to deliver – we need funds to get everything moving.

With an extensive audience of 6000 like-minded entrepreneurs under one roof, we had to create an engaging platform that would connect SME owners of industry segments around the globe with world-renowned disrupters and investors to provide you with more visibility and growth opportunities.

So we decided we were going to structure a day that delivered both – the opportunity to get the right minded people together to network and the opportunity to have the right people in the room who know a thing or two about funding!

Then we went one step further – we looked at the Dubai 2021 vision document, then the Abu Dhabi 2030 blueprint, then the region’s strategic vision over the next 20 years including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and out of curiosity – went one step further afield to the Levant and North Africa and found that we all had a lot in common.

But, that was just the beginning. What followed was months and months of research, surveys, data crunching, and well a few sleepless nights!

The result?

A large-scale SME platform to provide rich and relevant content that will exceed all expectations and empower entrepreneurs and business owners to grow through innovation, funding and creating a sustainable business model.


is no longer a buzz word – it’s a necessity – be it for our planet, country, business, people or daily lives – sustainable entails making a positive difference whilst making the most effective use of resources.


in particular, women empowerment is a huge focus from the upper strata of the government in all countries.


is the only way we are going to achieve greater efficiency, more time, a more sustainable life and work place and eventually a better society.

This is how our panels, our sessions and our day was born. We have packed enough speakers into one day to make your time with us worthwhile because after all, time is money. And we’ve added some surprises along the way too to ensure we give you bang for your buck!

We are honoured to present to you – SME Beyond Borders 2016!